Welcome to our official YOUNG GURUZ fashion Blog.

We will publish weekly our impressions and view about YOUNG GURUZ, fashion and lifestyle.

You will also have a look behind the scenes from our last shootings and trips around the world.

We Are always on tour looking for new styles, trends and impressions for our products.

Our fashion agent is traveling around the world.

Equipped with a camera and a huge motivation to find new trends, looks and styles, he will certainly recognize YOU on the street and take a cool shot.

Afterwards you’ll get a black card with all relevant informations and he will ask you to have the permission to upload this picture on our official YOUNG GURUZ fashion blog.

Here is our first story.

This is Marcel we caught him on the streets of Amsterdam and equiped him with our YG leather scarf model #wolf.

Great shot and performance by Marcel.

Germany 01.03.2017 YOUNG GURUZ team.

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